A Quebec treasure

beneath the ground

in Baie-James


This natural wonder can be found nestled in the northern part of Quebec, in a region called Baie-James. The vast territory of Baie-James, 350,000 km2 of land between the 49th and the 55th parallel, is crisscrossed by eskers, 10,000-year-old geological formations, remnants of the last Ice Age, through which pristine, naturally filtered springs flow.


Purity, miles away from chaos

Far from the big cities, on land free of human pollution, the spring water is carefully sourced to preserve its purity, from extraction to bottling. The bottling plant is located in La Sarre, just 60 km from the esker.


The perfect sip

With 46 ppm of dissolved solids and a pH of 8.2, it’s a great balance of smooth and alkaline water that not only tastes great but also delivers the elements needed for proper hydration.

Aliments du Québec - Entreprise adhérante
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