18 liters Natural spring water

The Onibi natural spring water course begins with rainwater and snowmelt infiltrating the Esker. Then, on its underground journey, it flows through several layers of glacial sediment of sand and gravel for nearly 15 years.

Filtered by these layers, it is naturally protected from all human activity and any pollutant by its location as well as by a thick layer of impermeable clay. The source is surrounded by 350,000 square kilometers of virgin boreal forest in the far north of Quebec located between the 49th and 55th parallel.

Water is extracted from the esker at a constant temperature of 4 degrees Celsius without being in contact with the external environment. The water in your bottle is naturally pure because it comes from the depths of the land of a glacial Esker.

Its unique composition in mineral salts of only 46 ppm (parts per million), and a natural pH of 7.95 makes Onibi one of the most natural and alkaline spring waters that is with a subtle and sweet taste which allows Onibi to be consumed by all and is suitable even for the most fragile among us (such as babies and pregnant or breastfeeding women).


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